The Soccer Xperience

The SoccerXperience is an essential component of B-Elite Soccer. At B-Elite, we believe exposing our players to a high level of youth soccer like that at the SoccerXperience in Europe greatly contributes to their soccer development. All while having a blast doing it!

Our players will have a better understanding of essential soccer concepts in a high-quality environment. Through team experiences, players will participate in the most prestigious tournaments, and they could train with some of the best academy teams in Europe. There’s also individual and specific customized training with Barcelona teams where the player can train at the highest level with some of the best players in the area. These experiences are vital for developing a complete player, a B-Elite player.




U6-U10 U11-U14 U15-U18

Team Xperiences

This is recommended for our younger teams (U8-U11) to combine fun and development.
For the 2019-2020 season the proposed Team Xperiences are:

Manchester Xperience
Available for Non-B-Elite Players

This program offers a unique experience at Manchester City facilities- City Football Academy, with Manchester City coaches. This is a team training program, not a tournament. This Soccer Xperience is available as a Team Xperience for B-Elite Players and it is also available for Non-B-Elite Playersas an Individual Xperience.

  • 1-90 min training each day;
  • Coached by Manchester City coaches;
  • 2 scrimmages against comparable level local teams;
  • Visit the Etihad Stadium Ground and Museum;
  • Excludes: Flight, hotel, food, outings.
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Manchester Xperience and CE Barcelona Xperience are open to any player or parent outside of B-Elite. All Soccer Xperiences are available for B-Elite Players.

Individual Xperiences

Llívia Summer Camp – Only available for B-Elite Players

This Camp takes place in Llivia Spain – Llivia is a small picturesque Spanish enclave North of Barcelona surrounded by France, and is attended by many top European players.

Incredible Facilities with Full Room and Board With natural grass soccer fields, a gym, indoor soccer arena, pool and classrooms, Llivia is an ideal spot for our soccer players to build confidence as they immerse themselves in an amazing soccer training & Spanish learning experience. This camp is perfect for advanced level soccer players who wish to have a high caliber soccer training, wish to learn Spanish Soccer terms, get fully immersed in the Spanish culture and have lots of fun.

  • Included: training, coaching, scrimmage, Spanish Classes, Activities, and a B-Elite Coach will accompany the group;
  • Dates: July, 1 or 2 weeks;
  • Excludes: Flight cost.
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CE Europa Camp
Available for Non-B-Elite Player

This Xperience is available with boarding for B-Elite players only and without boarding for Non-B-Elite players. The camp is in Nou Sardenya camp in Grácia, Barcelona. CE Europa is one of the oldest clubs in the city and it offers a summer camp geared not only to an excellent training camp but also to enjoy the amenities the city has to offer while sharing experiences with Spanish players. Without Boarding:

  • Training Sessions with CE Europa Coaches 9:00-5:00 pm;
  • One hour Spanish classes;
  • Games against RCD Espanyol;
  • Swimming Pool;
  • Summer Camp Gear;
  • Lunch.

Customized Training Xperience with Barcelona Teams
Only available for B-Elite Players

Players at all levels:

  • Any Age can participate commencing with U9 to U18;
  • Can be done at any time during the season in Barcelona or place of choice;
  • We have connections with a large pool of academies and in Barcelona, in addition, we are working with other academies worldwide;
  • Completely tailored made product;
  • Boys – Every Academy but FC Barcelona;
  • Girls – Every Academy but FC Barcelona.
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Elite Xperiences – Only available for B-Elite Players


At B-Elite, we have designed a full Curriculum to develop our players.
Our soccer programs are in line with the highest standards and are designed to prepare players for the demands of professional soccer.

The best International Soccer Academies know that players looking into build professional careers need to have the chance to prove themselves through a tryout.

Every year, our technical director will choose the top players eligible to tryout with Spanish teams.


  • Type of player – Top Level Players Only;
  • Kids starting at U-14/15;
  • Max 2/3 kids per age;
  • Academies – All academies in Barcelona, but depending on the player and Family’s interest, we are working on expanding the options available.

No extra cost for B-Elite, The player will pay for travel and accommodations.